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Jungle Brothers Rebrand

Jungle Brothers is a one-of-a-kind strength and movement gym in Botany, Sydney. At the core they believe in making humans… human again. The secret formula? Teaching fight, lift and movement classes, and so much more. Started by three awesome humans in 2012, within a few of years Jungle Brothers soon grew a tribe of healthy, mobile and strong humans. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t long before they were bursting at the seams, but this was always part of their plan.

Their primary need  during this period of growth was to present a more professional brand — one which invites the trust of the audience, moving it from a startup into a legitimate business. They engaged me to help me with this important step.


As part of the rebrand process, the initial step was to agree on the future visual direction of the brand. Working with a shared moodboard, the client and I workshopped a look and feel which reflected their brand.

The logo mark design began with many rounds of sketches on paper before arriving at the final mark. Accompanying the final logo was also an updated typeface, reduced colour palette, and monogram for smaller sizes.


Freelance designer

Illustrator, Photoshop

The original Jungle Brothers logo on the left, and the new wordmark on the right.

The Jungle Brothers monogram and wordmark used on their social media accounts and podcast.

Illustrations were created for member tees

Member's hoodies also included illustrations (created during rebrand process)

Value Add

As part of the engagement Jungle Brothers also engaged me to create a line of apparel, as way of adding value to their tribe members. This ranged from staple tees, to rash shirts, hoodies and more.

Illustration is a key feature to their brand, keeping with the jungle theme, including a series of jungle animals in their offering.

Delivery & key learnings

During the year-long engagement there were a few major milestones and lessons, including:

  • Rebranding an existing business
  • Providing and maintaining guidelines for a brand system
  • Project management and open communication with the client

 ⚡️ H I G H L I G H T S ⚡️

Growing a Tribe

Helping a mission driven business increase their reach through design and illustration.

Powerful Illustration

Aligning a brand's style through illustration brought an element of energy.

Project Management

Handling multiple projects and communication with the client through shared project boards.


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